Motorize Your Shades


Design and light play note

The External Venetian blind adds a decorative touch to all styles of home,
from contemporary to traditional, with a unique spirit of design.
For people who love light and want to play with its subtle modulations to their hearts' content,
the External Venetian blind becomes a way of life.

Design and light play note Good to know
Good to know

An External Venetian blind provides comfort in your home. It lets you:

- Modulate natural light.

- Eliminate interfering reflections.

- Protect your privacy.

- Protect the interior from the sun's rays.

Whether Z-shaped or curved, wide or narrow, out of aluminium or wood,
the choice of slat has a direct influence on the performance of your External Venetian blind:
glare reduction, shade optimization, etc.

There are 2 main families of External Venetian blinds

Standard blind
Standard blind

The most popular solution.

"All metal" blind

The security solution.


Motorizing an External Venetian blind

Life is motion!

All types of External Venetian blinds can be motorized by Somfy regardless of size.
With a motorized sun screen you can play with the sunlight in complete simplicity!

Why should you motorize your adjustable sun screens?

The motorized External Venetian blind moves gently using the remote control. Its slats perfectly adjust to modulate the light and control the level of sunlight in your home.

The benefits of a Somfy motorized External Venetian blind
Les moteurs les plus compacts du marché

The most compact motors on the market to motorize all adjustable sun screens, including the smallest.

Le moteur gère l’orientation fine des lames.

The motor manages the precise orientation of the slats.


Ready for home automation and connected house.

Somfy tips

For a pleasant temperature in summer:
For a pleasant temperature in summer:

To protect the interior of your home from the sun, the sun sensor lowers the motorized sun screens automatically to keep your home cool and protect your plants and furniture from the sun's rays.

To simulate your presence:
To simulate your presence:

The timer moves the External Venetian blind and switches on your lights as if the home were occupied.

Why Somfy?

Innovation, services, warranty…

Much more than a motorized sun screen!

Choose my solution

Somfy recommends professional installation because...

Motorized home equipment are custom solutions...

... that must be installed by a professional.

A Somfy-certified expert will assist you with your selection and take care of the entire installation.

Peace of mind and quality are guaranteed!

To go further with Somfy...

Connect your External Venetian blinds...

… And make the most of the connected home!  The Somfy TaHoma box lets you manage your sun screens and also blinds, gates, garages, alarms, heating, etc. from a computer, tablet or smartphone, at home or by remote.


Centralize all your equipment...

Group all your External Venetian blinds together on a single remote control.

Protect your privacy...
Protect your privacy...

Thanks to the dusk function, your blinds are lowered as soon as night falls and you switch on your lights.

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