Motorize Your Rolling shutters


Insulation and security

Fully-sealed rolling shutters insulate homes
and apartments from heat and noise.
Installed with stiff anti-lift links, to prevent potential break-ins.
When closed, shutters guarantee complete darkness.
With the slats tilted, shutters filter sunlight.

Insulation and security Good to know
Good to know

The type of slat (size, PVC or aluminium, etc.) is important for optimizing
the mechanical pressure resistance, protection from potential intruders
and the thermal and sound insulation.
And to blend in perfectly with the front of your home… think about the color!

New generation rolling shutters

Adjustable slats
Adjustable slats

Allow  you to decide how much light and/or air you want to let through.


Ventilate your home while preserving your privacy.

Rolling shutters that suit your project

Are you renovating?

The renovation box:

  • Installed against the exterior frame
  • Integrated into the front of the building

The renovation bay-block:

  • Combined window and shutter
  • Box visible from the interior

Traditional rolling shutter
Adjustable slat rolling shutter
Projection rolling shutter

Are you building?

The tunnel box:

  • Seamless integration
  • Box hidden in the brickwork

The bay-block:

  • Combined windows and shutters
  • Box visible from the interior

Traditional rolling shutter
Adjustable slat roller shutter
Projection roller shutter

Does your home have handle-operated roller shutters?

Turn your existing rolling shutter

into a motorized shutter!


Motorizing a rolling shutter

Life is motion!

Does your home have handle or strap-operated shutters?
All shutters can become motorized You don't need to change them!

Why should you motorize your rolling shutters?

Motorized shutters mean no more tedious handle operation!

Life is so much more simple when you just need to press a button. And with an RTS motor, you can have the full comfort of remote control. No need to walk round the whole house.  All your shutters are controlled from the same point – a truly connected home!

The benefits of a Somfy motorized rolling shutter:

Automatic limit settings
Guarantee perfect lift and closure over time.

Obstacle detection
Automatically stops the motor if any obstacles are in the way.

Frost protection
Automatically stops if the slats are frozen.

Tamper Resistant
The shutter cannot be lifted from the outside thanks to rigid links. This security may be reinforced by fitting the roller shutter with stiff links (lifting resistance up to 100 kg).

Ready for home automation and connected house.


Somfy tips

Insulate your home from cold and heat:
Insulate your home from cold and heat:
  • In winter, remember to program the automatic closure of your shutters at dusk which can save up to 10% on your heating bills;
  • In summer, a sun sensor gives you up to 9° extra inside your home.
To simulate your presence or absence:
To simulate your presence or absence:

the programmable clock opens and closes the shutters as if the home were occupied.

Somfy motors can also connect to your wireless alarm:

A smoke detector goes off? The roller shutters will open.
An exterior detector sounds the alarm? The shutters will close.

Why Somfy?

Innovation, services, warranty…

Much more than a shutter motor!

Choose my solution

Somfy recommends professional installation because...

Motorized home equipment are custom solutions...

...that must be installed by a professional.
 A Somfy-certified expert will assist you with your selection and take care of the entire installation.

 Peace of mind and quality are guaranteed!

To go further with Somfy...

Connect your rolling shutters...

The Somfy TaHoma box lets you manage your roller shutters and also blinds, gates, garages, alarms, heating, etc... from a computer, tablet or smartphone, at home or by remote.

Centralize your roller shutters...

With a single remote control, you can command all the rollier shutters in your living room or in your home.
Reduce your heating bills in winter...  
The timer closes your shutters automatically at dusk.

Reduce your heating bill in the winter...

Timer automatically closes your shutters when night comes.

Secure your home...

Somfy's alarm systems communicate with shutters: automatic closure fends off intruders and automatic opening if any smoke is detected for easier evacuation.

Switch your shutters to connected mode...

Control your home at a distance! Trigger the closing of your rolling shutters, set the alarm in just one click… leave home in peace in a flash.

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