Somfy innovation: Improving your well-being

10% of Sales Revenue dedicated to Innovation


Every day, 400 Somfy engineers are inventing new ways to experience comfort and safety in the home.
And each year, approximately 400 patents are born from their desire to innovate,  making your life better.
For example, the Somfy TaHoma® home automation application to control all home appliances
over the Internet at the touch of a button.


Somfy, an international group
Somfy, an international group
Somfy, a responsible company
Somfy, a responsible company

Somfy guarantees maximum reliability

There's no room for almost when it comes to your safety or comfort.
All Somfy products, especially motor endurance, are tested and checked under the most extreme conditions,
providing a long-term warranty: 5 years* for motors, automated units, accessories and alarm systems.


*3 years for gate motors and automated units.


Numerous manufacturers have partnered with a quality label to offer you superior motorize.

Somfy is cultivating a spirit of service

Improving your well-being should be stress-free! Before, during and after your project, Somfy will be there to answer questions and provide guidance. 


From advice in advance of your project to putting you in touch with a local installer, from help in using products to home repair...
Somfy's partners are by your side. And because you want to stay in control of your time and budget, Somfy always keeps a close eye on its most important service: the development of its solutions.

Somfy, the story of a small French company which became a world leader

Created in 1969, Somfy is a French group originating from the Haute Savoie region, at the heart of the Arve valley in Cluses, a major site in the steel cutting industry.

While remaining true to its values, Somfy is now present in over 60 countries and is the world leader in door and window automation for the home and building industry, with over 100 million motors sold worldwide.