Programmable Thermostats


Connect heating

Programmable thermostat remote-controlled
can be installed easily so you can manage heating from the sofa !

Connect heating Good to know
Good to know

TaHoma Box is compatible
with major heating brands


Thermostat + TaHoma Box

= Connected Heating

Thanks to its intuitive management interface
that you can use at home or on the move via a computer,
touch table or smartphone, the TaHoma box gives unprecedented control
over your heating and energy consumption.

The remote control:
A few hours before going home, use your smartphone to activate your home's "comfort" setting via our programmable thermostat: you'll return to your home that's at the ideal temperature.


Programming Life Scenarios:
Take the "Absence" scenario for example: if you're going away, click on your table to close all your home's shutters, connect the alarm and switch the heating to eco mode.


Management with detectors or sensors:
The opening detector switches the heating to eco mode when  A window opens.
The temperature sensor adapts your thermostat's heating mode.

Heating  components: the winning  duo

In winter, when the sun shines during the day the shutters remain open to take advantage of the natural warmth and the thermostat switches the heating to eco mode to reduce energy consumption.

In the evening, when the sun goes down and the temperature is cold, the shutters close automatically to protect your interior from cold while the thermostat switches the heating to comfort mode for a pleasant atmosphere.

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TaHoma® Box

Combine your heating and your rolling shutters to increase energy efficiency. Home automation provides sensors that automatically manage the opening and closing of your shutters according to the level of sunlight.

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