Control Your Home Lighting


Make lighting fun...

To make the most of your lighting solutions, what could be better
than to control all of your lights with a single remote control.
And why not create a range of lighting moods or automate
your lighting for your enjoyment and security?

Make lighting fun... Good to know
Good to know

You can also control your electrical appliances
with remote controlled sockets!

Light up!


Solutions that are simple
to implement

A small box to be placed behind your lighting support, a remote controlled socket or peg,
a row of controlled lights for the patio and much more.
With Somfy you can easily manage all of your interior and exterior lighting.
The remote control lets you connect everything together and play with the lights on a whim.
And thanks to radio, your wireless system can be installed in the blink of an eye.

Light communication within your entire house!

Somfy lets you centralize your lighting and the other appliances you control in a single command: your blinds, your rolling shutters, your gate and so on.

Are you having friends over? Launch the patio scenario: one click and the blind's lighting row switches on, the garden's lighting sets the mood and the blind comes down to protect you from the cool night air.

Are you leaving your  apartment? Launch the departure scenario: one click and the light goes off, the shutters close and the alarm switches on.

You can also reinforce your home's security:

  • as soon as your alarm is triggered, your lights come on automatically.
  • From your holiday home you can make it look like you are at home by switching on the lights and opening your shutters.


Somfy's tip

Connect your lighting. Manage all your sockets and lighting with your fingertips from your smartphone.

Why Somfy?

Innovation, services, warranty…

Much more than connected lighting!

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Somfy recommends professional installation because...


Motorized home equipment are custom solutions...

...that must be installed by a professional.

A Somfy-certified expert will assist you with your selection and take care of the entire installation.

Peace of mind and quality are guaranteed!

To go further with Somfy

Connect your lighting...

The Somfy TaHoma box lets you manage your lighting , shutters, blinds, gates, garages, alarms, heating and so on from a computer, tablet or smartphone, at home or by remote.

Centralize up to 16 lighting elements...

To group all your lighting or Somfy equipment and control it together or separately.

Program your scenarios...

To make it look like you're home when you're not, to program your garden lighting...

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