Motorize Your Gate


Welcome home!

Serving as both an invitation and protection,
your gate immediately indicates the style of the home it is protecting.
Shape, color, material: the choice is yours!
Not to mention easy to control for your daily comfort.

Welcome home! Good to know
Good to know

Coming and going with no limits
What’s more practical than an electric gate? Just one click to open
and close the gate, without getting out of the car or parking on the road,
or running out of the house to open up for visitors...
Saving you so much time every day!

Making the right choice for your gate

The opening system depends on the layout of your gate entrance: clearance available inside and possible overlap outside.
Before choosing, check access to your home (on a slope, narrow...)

Swinging gate
Swinging gate
  • Traditional
  • Quick opening
  • Choice of opening direction
  • Compatible with slope opening
Sliding gate
Sliding gate
  • Modern
  • Attractive
  • Requires a horizontal clearance surface

Making the most

of your motorized gate!

Somfy provides electric motors that are easy to integrate into new or existing gates,
whether sliding gates or swinging gates.
A solar power supply can even be used if you don't want to connect
the gate to the house's electrical system.

Why should you motorize your gate?

  • No more manual efforts! You can open and close your gate without getting out of your car, parking on the pavement or leaving the house open for guests.
  • To strengthen the level of security for your home.
  • To control the gate, side door and garage door opening on a single command.


Which motor for your gate?

For a swing gate

La motorisation intégrée au portail La motorisation à bras
  • Invisible motor integrated into the gate, a must when it comes to motors, only for new gates.
  • Arm-mounted motor, recommended for existing gates.
La motorisation à vérin La motorisation enterrée
  • Cylinder-operated motors, intended for heavy or large gates.
  • Buried motor (no visible arms or cylinders).


For a sliding gate

Le moteur se déplace sur une crémaillère
  • The motor moves along a hinge.


The benefits of Somfy gate motors:
Détection automatique d’obstacle

Automatic obstacle detection: 

the motor stops instantly.

Programmation de la fermeture automatique

Automatic closure programming

 after passing through or a set time.

Fonctionnement sur batterie


 if the power fails.

Ouverture partielle

Partial opening

to let pedestrians or bikes through.

Protection contre la tentative d’effraction

Protection against attempted break-in:
when the motor is pushed, forced opening is almost impossible.

Ready for home automation and connected house


Somfy tips

Motorized gate, connected gate!

Once the motor is installed, you only need to add a home automation box and you can control your gate from your smartphone, check if your gate is properly closed, open the gate for your neighbors or delivery drivers remotely. That's Somfy home automation too!


Why Somfy?

Innovation, services, warranty…

Much more than a gate motor!

Choose my solution

Somfy recommends professional installation


Motorized home equipment are custom solutions...

...that must be installed by a professional.
A Somfy-certified expert will assist you with your selection and take care of the entire installation.
Peace of mind and quality are guaranteed!

Recommended product
for swinging gate
Ixengo L3S RTS
Recommended product
for sliding gate
Elixo 500 3S

To go further with Somfy

Connect your gate...

The TaHoma box lets you control your gate, shutters, blinds, garages, alarms, lighting, heating etc. on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, at home or away from home.

Identify your visitors before opening...

The essential complement to your motorized gate.

For added security...

Fire Orange, cells, etc.

For more comfort...

Backup battery, remote controls, etc.

Shift your gate to a connected mode...

Open the gate and garage door and turn the lights on just before getting home. Manage the alarm remotely even when you are far away.

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