Energy savings

Home Motion by Somfy


We all want to live well in a home that keeps up with the pace of our lives,
our needs and our wishes. Somfy can give your home that extra feeling of comfort.
See just what Home Motion by Somfy can do for you!

Home Motion by Somfy

Switch to dynamic insulation to save energy...

While window insulation is a key factor to energy savings, shutters and sun screens also have a part to play in controlling temperature. When motorized, they preserve heat even better!

When automated, you can forget about them!

  • In winter you can program your shutters to close at dusk so if the temperature drops significantly and you're not at home... The heat is kept in.
  • In summer you can program your blinds to come down at the hottest times of the day, or as soon as the temperature rises... Your home stays cool and it’s cheaper than air conditioning!

Somfy makes living in your home simple and gives you more time to do as you wish. Home Motion will change your life…

With TaHoma by Somfy, insulate without thinking about it!