Home Motion by Somfy

Revolutionize YOUR WELL-BEING

We all want to live well, in a home that keeps up
with the pace of our lives, our needs and our wishes.
Somfy can give your home that extra feeling of comfort.
See just what Home Motion by Somfy can do for you!

Home Motion by Somfy

You'll never look at your home the same way again!

A motorized system is so much more practical!

  • Open your rolling shutters, lower your patio blind and open your gate with one click. Who needs extra chores?
  • Control all your appliances, even your lights, with a single command. Nothing could be easier!
  • Install an automatic system and get a timer to do all the little jobs you do every day; it can even monitor the level of sunshine and temperature , giving you the freedom to do what you want to do.
  • Create "living scenarios" and make the most of a home that knows how to take care of you...

Somfy makes living in your home simple and gives you more time to do as you choose. Home Motion will change your life…

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