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Gate and garage door

For new-build or renovation, Somfy has designed motorization and automation system to suit your lifestyle, giving you greater reliability, comfort and security at home.

In summer and winter, you want to be able to come and go as you please, without limitations….

Make your entrance secure, enter the garage without having to get out of the car, open the gate for a delivery with one click, welcome friends without having to run down the garden… Somfy understands all this.

Welcome home!

Before adding the motorization…
what is the best product to choose?



Garage door

Sectional opening

Garage door

Lateral opening

Garage door

Tilt opening

Garage door

Roller opening

Garage door

Swing opening

Swinging gate

Sliding gate

No outside overlap

Full height of garage available for use

90% open

Optimal use of garage

Outside overlap

Standard 2-leaf door

Ideal where space is restricted

Fully open

Fully open

Pedestrian access possible by including a wicket gate

Motor-drive completely invisible (clear inside)

Maximum use of garage

Choice of direction of opening: inside or outside


Pedestrian access possible by including a wicket gate

Pedestrian access possible with an adjustable opening or wicket gate


Pedestrian access impossible



Needs horizontal clear space